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"[Life motto] ① happy and pain are the wealth of life, with its negative escape, as brave some face, in fact, can remember is a happy."
"living is a very easy thing, brilliant life for many people is a luxury dream, far from the dim light, this can only distant sense of happiness so many people add Sigh, the temptation of the Red from the complex life, tiptoe, but also can not make us closer from happiness, we carry hope, but gradually cool down the heart, so we complain about the road of life and the vicissitudes of life, , People suffering."
"in fact, as long as it is in the world, so good is not where to go, bad is not bad where to go. We are almost all in the six reincarnation, are mortals, so each other also look down on who can not understand who ah? As long as the mortal, as long as the reincarnation in the six, are the same in the reincarnation of the prison in the pain, was greedy and other troubles tightly bound, so no need to compare each other, look down each other."
"we are just an ordinary person, a vulgar elegance of people, sad, will forget the elegant beauty, crying tears; grievance, will forget all the reserved, hysteria; we are just a small capital is small, Will be painful, stubborn, not all I can bear all over, but for the loved ones, but can sonorous and powerful, all-conquering, duty-bound to bear all the sorrow."
"Sweden has a proverb: & ldquo; no matter how many times you turn, your ass is still behind you. What does it mean? That is, no matter what you do, someone will say you are wrong. If you can understand this, hear the opposite of their own voice, do not let frustration, angry about your feelings, but should feel that this is normal."
"life is always the case, joys and sorrows intertwined, bitterly dependent, running around busy, filled with too much helpless and sentimental. The death of their loved ones, friends of the abandonment, frustration of life, emotional lonely, so all, always in a casual time when the light over the heart, brought back the heart of the hidden pain."
"the feeling is super Wan Nengjiao, once moved it, it will be glued, no longer rejection, unless the belt with a piece of meat to tear off, and then leave a clear scar with your life."
"life, no one can go to accompany themselves to the end of life, respectively, it is a natural thing. All things have to leave room, potential not exhausted, happiness is a feeling, it can only come from their own inner feeling, and does not depend on the amount of material, a lot of time, the material rust, but people lost the physical examination happy Tactile."
"life is a challenge, but not to challenge the patience of others, nor to challenge the success of others, not to challenge the bottom line of life, is a self-challenge, challenge the self of narrow, jealousy, cowardly, lazy And so on, because these self-character in the bad factors led to our troubled life."
"meet each other, will miss the beauty of this knowledge, will be in the bottom of my heart to watch this tie the emotions. If each other can understand and cherish each other, this fate is not always beautiful forever, or will gradually away from, or afraid of approaching, will not control their own feelings and thoughts, some like and love words, can only rest Heart."
"childhood taste, memory of the fragrance, deep love, it will never grow in my memory, lost when I warm, lonely when I miss, it is the years of love , Stay in the memory, in the river on the river in peace."
"in this world, there are a lot of things will not be satisfactory, like a lot of things surprising. Very often, like a person, do not need any reason; do not like a person, but it has a lot of reasons. When you do the right, no one will remember; when you do wrong, even the breathing is wrong."
"no one will be responsible for your failure, they will only cheer for your success. If you do not have the ability to change your destiny, try to change your own. If you can not change the results, then improve the process. Successful beliefs in the human brain as the alarm clock, you will wake up when you need it."
"the second taste: to face the reality, more of a free; third taste: to appreciate their own, more than a self-confidence; fourth taste: do a good job The seventh taste: believe that success, more than a joy; the eighth taste: fear of failure to do so; the first taste: more than a happy; , More than a persistent."
"forgive is to learn to put down, do not allow resentment and then control your life. Forgiveness has increased the space for our lives. The belly can accommodate the world, laughing and breaking ancient and modern worries. The integrity of life lies in forgiveness, tolerance, waiting and love, and without it all, you have all and nothing. Forgiveness is a cure for hatred and healing. Take a moment to think about who should be thanked."
"loneliness is not necessarily leading to success, but all success will come from the process of struggle with loneliness. Loneliness is not boring Nai, idle gossip, scattered and stagnant, but not really lonely or perish, but a kind of do not join in the fun, do not catch fashion, do not chase the upsurge of life and survival."
"there are always some people, so you feel unreasonable, there are always some things that make you feel very silent, sometimes, the world is so baffling, helpless, someone's land, there will be annoying things & hellip ; Do not ask others to accept the defects of others, do not blame themselves, do not like to try to escape, can not figure out do not think, no need to grievances themselves, clear all the chaos, concentrate on their own, love ye ye To!"
"things can not be the world is not relative to the absolute, some feelings doomed no results, some feelings can not afford flat fleeting, the feelings of right and wrong who can speak clearly. Something that is lost, maybe it is forever. Some feelings, missed, maybe it is I."
"life, always have to experience some things, no matter how the life around the mood, and regardless of the fate of the gap between the size of others, we should learn to accept, when faced with frustration despair, should believe, As long as you do not give up, everything will be better, if you do not want to say anything, then silence, no matter how others say you, see you, as long as you remember, you still did not give up."
"awake understanding of the annoying illusory, all the excuses for the trouble to find, is also a pale, do not need to bring the quality of their life to the fate, including those who have been injured, life should think about, do not let life For their own stubborn pay, but do not live into a narrow ending, life should be considered is not life but personality, too virtual master said: Yang only only Buddha, completed in the personality, people into the Buddha into, is true."
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